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Fleming Island
Fleming Island

7100 Hwy 17 South
Fleming Island, FL 32003

Senior Pastor

Scott Yirka

Service Times

Sun: 8:08, 9:30 & 10:58 am, 6pm
Wed: 7 pm

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Hyde Park
Hyde Park

2000 Lane Ave S
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Campus Pastor

JimBo Stewart

Service Times

Sun: 9:15 (Bible Study)
Sun:  10:30 (Worship)

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3651 US Highway 17
Fleming Island, FL 32003


Bobby Highsmith

Service Times

Sun: 10 am Ladies Study
Sun: 10:15 & 11:00 AM

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Fleming Island
Hibernia Español

Fleming Island Campus


Jaime Lopez

Service Times

Domingo: 10:58 am
Miércoles: 7:00 pm

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Military Serving

We are so proud of the members of the armed forces, especially those whom we call family. They are as listed below. We know that freedom isn't free, and we thank you for being faithful to the Lord and your Country.

Do you have a loved one in the military that you would like to add to our list?  Please click here if you would like to add your loved one to this list or if you would like to update your listing.

Adam Gilhousen ~ Air Force
Adam Whitlock ~ Marines
Alex Morse ~ Army (Oklahoma)
Allison Barlow ~ Navy
Andrew Carlson ~ Air Force
Andrew Clayton ~ Army
Anthony Constanza ~ Marines
Austin Grosdidier ~ Marine
Austin Root ~ Marines
Ben Ruffner ~ Army (Iraq)
Bill Platt ~ Army (Ft. Stewart, GA)
Blake Fore ~ Air Force (IRAQ)
Blake Grosdidier~Marines (Germany)
Brad Edwards ~ Army (Iraq)
Bradley Bennett ~ Navy
Brendon Bisnett ~ Navy
Brenton Graham ~ Navy
Brian Baker ~ Navy
Brian Hanna ~ Marines
Brian Hooker ~ Army
Brian Lanham ~ Army
Brian Wimberly ~ Navy (IRAQ)
Bryan Pfeifer 
Bryan Shaw ~ Navy
Bryce Lawrence ~ National Guard
Charles Patterson
Chad Hoye ~ Army
Corey Champagne ~ Marines
Chase Baker ~ Army
Chris Baker ~ Army National Guard
Chris Clagett--Navy (IRAQ)
Chris Smith ~ Army
Christian Lehr ~ Army
Christina Michel ~ Army (Afghanistan)
Christopher Bisnett ~ Navy
Christopher Dylan Elrod ~ Air Force
Christopher Perdue ~ Marines
Colton Neal ~ IRAQ
Connie Gavett ~ Air Force
Corey Champagne ~ Marines
Corey McMillan ~ Army (Afghanistan)
Craig Metzig ~ Army
Dan Jason Bevan ~ Air Force
Darryl Hefflefinger ~ Navy
David Hooker ~ Navy
David Shaver ~ Air Force (Germany)
Derek Bierer ~ Navy (Norfolk, Va)
Duncan English ~ Navy
Dustin Smith ~ Navy
Eddie Crumpton ~ Navy
Erich Federschmidt ~ Navy
Erik Spong ~ Army National Guard
Gary Kreitzman ~ Army
Gary Pepper ~ Army National Guard
Geneva Hooker ~ Navy
Harrison Allen ~ Air Force
Henderson ~ IRAQ
Ian Meneeley ~ Navy
Jason Anton ~ Navy
Jason Kozak ~ Army (Iraq)
Javier Gonzalez ~ IRAQ
Jeff Schaefer ~ Navy
Jen Dickerson ~ Army (DMZ S. Korea)
Jeremy Blythe ~ Navy
Jesse Jacobs ~ Army
Jillian Mills ~ Navy (MD)
Jonathan Barron ~ Navy
Jonathan Dickerson ~ Marines (California)
Jonathan Marroletti ~ Navy (Afghanistan)
Jonathon Skipper ~ Air Force
John Hinkley ~ Army
John Ware ~ Air Force (Guam)
John Widergren ~ Navy (Kuwait)
Johnathan Perry (Air Force)
Jolynn Galloway ~ Navy
Joseph R. Tullis III ~ Navy
Josh Buffaloe ~ Marines
John Riley Eastmoore ~ Army
Jovito Wilson ~ Navy
Juan Lupercio ~ Army
Julie Wallace ~ Navy

Karlton Lovett ~ Army
Keith J. Lovett ~ Navy
Kelly Gordon ~ Marines
Ken Bell ~ Navy
Kevin T Hamm ~ Army (IRAQ)
Kevin Kirk ~ Army
Kevin Paulk ~ Navy
Kirk Waits ~ Navy
Kirkland Yuknis ~ Navy
Kory Diley ~ Marines (Afghanistan)
Laura Vidak ~ Army
Luke Keene ~ Navy
Mark Knox ~ Army
Mathew Paulk~Air Force (Korea)
Matt Johson ~ Army (Iraq)
Matthew Berry ~ Navy (Pearl Harbor)
Matthew Tompkins ~ Army
Megan Owings ~ Army
Michael Ducker ~ Navy
Michael Ramsey~ Navy (Iraq)
Moriah Sobeck ~ Air Force
Nicholas Keomuongchanh ~Air Force
Nikki Paulk ~ Army
O. KALEN KNABB ~ Army (Ft. Hood Tx)
Patrick Floyd ~ IRAQ
Peyton Taveney ~ Navy
Pete Dalve ~ Navy (Afghanistan )
Philip Pascoe ~ Navy (Iraq)
Preston Hamilton ~ Navy
Rich Colson ~ Coast Guard
Richard Renau ~ Navy Seabee Reservist (Kuwait)
Rick Sams ~ Navy
Ritchie Broussard ~ Air Force (LA)
Robert Davis ~ Navy (Japan)
Robert Lunsford ~ Navy
Robert Turner ~ Army (Iraq)
Roger Eager ~ Army (Afghanistan)
Roger Horton, Jr ~ Marines
Ryan Sutton ~ Marines (Afghanistan)
Scot Sanders ~ Navy (Afghanistan)
Scott Flint ~ Navy (Afghanistan)
Sean McCarragher ~ Marines
Sean Farmer ~ National Guard
Sheila Hewitt ~ Navy
Shawn Neil ~ Navy
Stephen Bell ~ Navy
Stephen Larcombe ~ Navy
Stephen Tupper Jr. ~Army (Japan)
Steve Allen ~ Navy Reservist
Steve Nowak ~ Navy (Japan)
Steve Paulk ~ IRAQ
Steve Rankin ~ Navy
Tajudeen Taiwo ~ Navy
Tim Miller ~ Navy
Timothy L. Miller ~ Air Force (England)
Toby Saine ~ Navy
Troy Reaves ~ Navy
Tyler Smith ~ Coast Guard
William Nichols ~ Fl. National Guard 
Zachary Thornhill ~ Navy
Zackary Dixon ~ IRAQ
Zack Sutton ~ Navy

Fleming Island

7100 Hwy 17 South
Fleming Island, FL 32003

(904) 529-8944

(904) 529-8946

Hyde Park

2000 Lane Ave S
Jacksonville, FL 32210



3651 US Highway 17
Fleming Island, FL 32003